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Training Sessions for 2015

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      • BE-20   Building Accessibility Excellence Assessor Certification Program
      • IS-31     Integrated Accessibility – Understanding the Accessible Employment Standards for HR Professionals
      • IS-32    Integrated Accessibility Standards – Train the Trainer Topup
      • IS-34    Integrated Accessibility Standards – Introduction to Accessibility Planning
      • BE21 – BAES – Accessible Built Environment Draft Standards Overview

Building Accessibility Excellence Assessor Certificate Program (BAEA) (BE20)

October 22 and 23, 2015

$3,500.00 per person

Overview This valuable certificate program equips individuals with the necessary tools and knowledge to perform the highest quality facility audits based upon best practices in creating accessible built environments for people with disabilities. Minimum prerequisites include an understanding of the Ontario Building Code and a working knowledge of building sciences. Program graduates are certified by Excellence Canada as Building Accessibility Excellence Assessors (BAEA) attesting to a  professional and consistent approach to building audits by following the Excellence Canada methodology.

The Building Accessibility Excellence Assessor Certificate Program provides an overview of Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA), a thorough understanding of the Design of Public Spaces Standard and the accessibility provisions of the Ontario Building Code, training in the use of tools and checklists, data entry and report writing, practical mentoring, and a quality review of an actual audit report produced by each student to ensure conformance with the Excellence Canada methodology. Course fee includes a professional audit tool kit and all assessment materials.

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Accessible Built Environment Draft Standards Overview-(BE21)

$ 149 per person

This overview session will demystify the AODA draft Accessible Built Environment Standard and help quantify its potential impact on you and your organization. Attendees will learn about the background, development, and implementation of the Standard, how it relates to the Ontario Building Code, and what planning should be done to ensure that capital budgets are available to accommodate it.

Who Should Attend? Accessibility coordinators who are implementing accommodation initiatives for people with disabilities and facility managers who are responsible for building audits and capital planning.


Integrated Accessibility Standards – Train the Trainer – (TOP-UP) (IS32)

$699 per person 

This program provides individuals with previous experience at the Train the Trainer program for Accessibility Customer Service with the necessary materials and techniques to prepare and conduct the required training under the Integrated Accessibility Standards (Section 7); including the requirements of the accessibility standards and the Human Rights Code as it pertains to people with disabilities. Businesses and other organizations must train all full and part-time staff and volunteers. Ensure that the people responsible for developing the organizations’ policies, practices and procedures are fully informed of responsibilities and risks.
Resources Provided: Summary of training requirements, presentation notes and outline for training others, samples.


Understanding the Accessibility Employment Standards for HR Professionals (IS31)

$299 per person

This session will cover the requirements of the Employment Standard and its components: recruitment, accommodation processes, return to work, performance management, career development and advancement and redeployment. We will discuss how to integrate these requirements into existing processes from the perspective of an HR professional. Also covered will be the interpretation of emergency response information for employees required for all organizations in 2012. Participants will receive useful tools: checklists, tips and templates.


Introduction to Accessibility Planning (IS34)

$ 299 per person

Under the AODA Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation, organizations are required to develop a multi-year accessibility plan. This plan must include information about the identification and removal of barriers to people with disabilities. Further, organizations must consult people with disabilities in the creation of their plans. This session will explore the requirements, processes, and desired outcome of an organization’s multi-year accessibility plan.